Our survey and mission

To ensure that South Africans have the necessary digital skills to participate in a digital economy that is driven by rapidly advancing technologies.
From NEMISA's mandate

NEMISA's mission

NEMISA’s mission is to empower all South African citizens with the digital skills they need to to take part in the current economy as well as forward into the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR). The K4i initiative is a collaboration between multiple stakeholders, including South African universities. K4i works within the collaboration network of NEMISA and the provincial CoLabs (and their universities). NEMISA and K4i are addressing the digital skills shortage through teaching and learning, research, innovation, monitoring and evaluation, and aggregation.

The goal of the survey tools

This Digital Skills Survey tool forms a key part of NEMISA’s innovation and research initiatives. In time we hope it builds a large enough database that it can be used to inform further skills development initiatives as well as policy interventions needed to empower those who are currently excluded from the knowledge economy. At an individual level, we hope that it can inform citizens of their current skills and provide them with a roadmap for learning new digital skills that could help them find employment and flourish in a world that is becoming increasingly digital.

What NEMISA provides

National Environmental Scan

This is a baseline study of the level of digital skills in South Africa.

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Digital skills events

We host various digital skills colloquiums and conferences

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Digital skills research

Stakeholder engagement, workshops, and sponsoring of Masters and PhD research

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